As November draws to a close we are compelled to reflect on the things that we have, rather than what we don’t, and to embrace an attitude of gratitude. Here at the NFPT, we are not only grateful for having the privilege of providing quality education and certification options for fitness trainers, but we are so very thankful for the team of authors we have that take time out of their busy schedules to diligently research and write on topics that we hope you have enjoyed reading.

This month, the popular blogs helped to clarify various subjects, such as the real (and important) difference between fat loss and weight loss, what banded “flossing” is, and knowing personal training boundaries when it comes to scope of practice, particularly when it comes to doling out medical advice to clients. And befitting for the season, we learned about scarcity versus abundance, and how to leverage the laws of attraction to live your personal truth through your career.

Fat Loss3Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

Yes, there is a difference and sometimes our clients don’t fully grasp what that difference is. It’s important that we are equipped to expound upon the psychological and physiological differences of these notions and what metrics are important to track for which clients.




Using Metabolic Efficiency to Maximize Client ResultsMetabolic Efficiency3

We often use calculations to estimate how many calories we burn a day, at rest and when active. However, there are two tests that anyone can take to assess those numbers with exactitude. Find out what the tests are, how they work, how much they cost, and how helpful they are for fitness programming.



FlossImage1What is Banded Myofascial Flossing?

This term “flossing” is fairly new on the fitness scene, and is sort of kinesio taping’s kissing cousin. Get on board with understanding what flossing is and how anyone can use this technique to not only prep for movement but improve performance and recovery.

Scope of Practice for the Fitness Professional: Giving Medical Advice

Man Suffering From Back Pain Cause Of Office Syndrome, His Hands

There are very clear boundaries that keep personal trainers safe from liability. When it comes to offering medical advice, just don’t. Learn what types of things clients might turn to you for, and how to refer them to the appropriate professional should such situations arise.



balancing heart and mindLaws of Attraction: Scarcity Vs. Abundance

Last but certainly not least, this article challenges you to look within and do some soul searching. When it comes to defining success, we each have different notions. But, the laws of attraction work the same for everyone: If you focus on what you don’t want, instead of what you do, abundance and success may elude. But defining your truth and living it will steer you towards the career you envision.