Maintaining your NFPT-CPT credential is an important part of long term success in the fitness training industry. Your credential requires upkeep in two forms: Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and a membership renewal fee. Both of these requirements work hand-in-hand; you do one to get to the other. You do learning activities to get CECs, and then renew your certification ($85 renewal membership fee). Recertification is required by all credible certification agencies. The difference between NFPT and other recertification processes is affordability (FREE CEC options) and convenient CEC/renewal submission. Here’s a snapshot of how the renewal cycle works from the day you earn your certification by passing the NFPT-CPT exam:

  • NFPT sends your trainer certificate and ID card, it has a one-year expiration date on it
  • NFPT notifies you when your certification is nearing expiration, pay your renewal fee of $85
  • NFPT sends your new certificate and ID card, it has an updated one-year expiration date on it
  • Starting year two (2) of certification (after you have been certified for one year) you are responsible for obtaining CECs in order to be eligible for recertification
  • Use NFPT’s free online sources for CECs, or choose from other continuing education learning activities from NFPT and other approved continuing education providers
  • Upon completion of your 2.0 credits worth of continuing education activity (and no unresolved conduct history in your personal NFPT record), you are eligible to renew your certification

With NFPT, we make recertification as convenient and naturally integrated into your profession as possible. How?? First, by accepting the trainer-growth activities that you take part in and giving you credit (CECs) for it. And secondly, by keeping our annual renewal fee as low or lower than any other certification agency out there. Certification agencies are a collective affiliation of members who, together, make a valuable contribution to their respective industry.

At NFPT, we’re consistently growing in the area of trainer support services and resources for the trainer entrepreneur. Our organization is a family of fitness trainers, professionals, friends and partners working to make a difference in the health and well being of others. Join us in over 25 years of turning passions to careers!

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