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Bundle: Trainer Manual and Workbook


This NFPT Personal Trainer Manual and Study Guide bundle is a packaged resource for understanding personal trainer knowledge and reinforcing the educational information, with end of chapter questions for practice (over 350 practice questions!)

The Trainer Manual is a complete resource for offering safe and effective fitness trainer services. Learn the fundamental elements of health, fitness and the human body along with methodologies for putting training techniques to work for you and your clients. The Study Guide will help you to retain the concepts and practice the terms and principles provided in the Manual – get them together for the best approach to learning the fundamentals!




Exercise Programming Recommendations

Goal-Oriented Movements & Total Sets

Results Driven Rep Range Chart

Activity Expenditure Chart

Master Food List & Dietary Advice Chart

Supplement Table

Training Log


Consultation & Client Screening Forms

Body Composition Instructions and Forms

Movement Assessment Forms

Informed Consent Document

Physician’s Release Form

Professional Liability Waiver

NFPT’s Manual offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide to training. Our emphasis is teaching & reinforcing on-the-job skill sets for safe, effective & successful personal training.

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INSIDE THE WORKBOOK: Trainer Manual Resource

NFPT’s Workbook supports your studying and understanding of the Trainer Manual. It is a chapter by chapter breakdown of the manual with over 350 chapter questions. This Workbook reinforces the terms, concepts and fitness components covered inside the Trainer Manual.

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