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It is a common misconception that MS sufferers should remain inactive, resting and sedentary – the opposite is true! Those with MS should be encouraged, active and moving – you can help get MS clients to a better mental and physical place. Take your knowledge to the next level. Learn safe and effective training techniques to affect positive change for MS clients.

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Est. Prep/Completion Time =  10 hours

NFPT CEC Award = 2.0




In this course we explore the daily struggles faced by people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This is an advanced level specialty course that teaches the certified personal trainer how to safely work with MS clients in an encouraging and active way.

MS Fitness Training Specialist’ gives you the knowledge needed to work with and understand the needs and limitations presented by MS clients. You will be qualified to engage in personal trainer services for clients with Multiple Sclerosis, and use the full exercise programs that are provided in the manual and video that comes with this course.

Those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis often feel hopeless as this disease presents symptoms that can often feel debilitating and physically and mentally exhausting. But there is hope through wellness and training techniques that will improve the quality of life for those struggling with this disease – and YOU can be the catalyst for change in the lives of MS clients!

David Lyons, author of this course and Founder of the MS Fitness Challenge, knows these struggles firsthand and will help you to help others through the knowledge and exercise education that are presented in this text. You will receive continuing education credits for this course, but, more than that, you gain the understanding of what a MS client is going through and how you can support their desire to live a happy, healthier life.


Course eBook with Exercises
Complete Exercise Program Video (21m)
Education Support (w/course author)
Online Test
Advanced Specialty Certificate
2.0 CECs

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If you are a certified personal trainer or allied health professional, then this course is a great stepping stone to understanding what it will take to train clients with Multiple Sclerosis. Some MS patients are under the impression that they should remain inactive because it helps with fatigue and speeds recovery – wrong! Exercise after an MS diagnosis is extremely helpful for one’s overall well-being. Learn to improve the quality of a MS client’s life through specific types of exercises for both physical and mental wellness.

This is an Advanced Specialty Continuing Education Course for those with an existing fitness related background. This course lays the groundwork for you to take the next step in making MS clients part of your personal training business. After completing this course, you receive a MS Fitness Training Specialist title and credential. 


Online, multiple choice test

60 questions, limit = 1 hour

70% pass score

Instant test results

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  • Understand symptoms and various limitations of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Understand the current treatments for symptoms of MS
  • Describe how Multiple Sclerosis is diagnosed
  • Recognize the importance of mental fitness and emotional implications
  • Ability to identify different nutritional options for your MS clients
  • Implement the basic exercises that should be in a fitness routine for MS clients
  • Design safe and effective workout regimen with MS limitations in mind



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  3. Take the test whenever you’re ready, in your NFPT Account. You will be awarded your certificate of completion and CECs immediately upon passing the test.

This is an Advanced Specialty Certificate. Obtaining this does NOT require CECs/CEUs for maintenance. However, as NFPT delivers updates, new educational information and/or findings through future research and scientific study, you will be notified and expected to review and confirm your understanding of any new research findings which are specific to the safe and effective training of clients with Multiple Sclerosis.

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MS Fitness Challenge provides a scholarship for this course! MSFC awards this scholarship one time every month based on current scholarship application entries. Part of your scholarship eligibility will require that you have trained a MS client. GOOD NEWS: MSFC will help you to get connected to MS Clients looking for a trainer in their area! This scholarship is awarded in the form of a reimbursement of your MS course fee after you have completed the course and trained your first MS client.

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Every Rep is a Step provides support and continued education in the ongoing battle against the symptoms of MS. When you are a MS Fitness Training Specialist, you can take the next step in your MS expertise and outreach by being a part of this group of experts. This is a continuation of your education as a MS Specialist, it is a group of fitness professionals who can connect you with MSers in your area. Help more people. Be more marketable.  Join the network, and take steps in the rep direction! >>

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NFPT is a proud supporter of the MedFit Network. As a participant in the MS Fitness Training Specialist course, you are provided a discounted membership into the MedFit Network. Upon successful completion of the course, NFPT will send you the details of this opportunity to be recognized and connected with medical fitness clients in your area.

Lachlan Charles MacKinnon says: “I can’t believe I have qualified and passed the MS Fitness course! Being a personal trainer, and also suffering with MS, this qualification means a lot to me and I hope to help many people with MS like me achieve better fitness. The work book and knowledge that you are given to learn and read through is second to none. I have actually started to use some of the training methods with a client who has MS. Even though I suffer with the illness, some of the knowledge I now have, through taking this course, I didn’t think of or realize. Any trainers who have clients who suffer with MS or trainers thinking of going into this area then this is a course and qualification they need to have. Can’t wait to start making a difference in the MS community here in the UK the same as the MS Fitness Challenge trainers are doing in America.”

Meet the Author

DAVE flex in gym 12 2016David Lyons is the founder and creator of the MS Fitness Challenge®, a worldwide charity, alongside his wife Kendra Lyons R.N., developed to educate and train people with multiple sclerosis and fitness professionals in the benefits of exercise and nutrition in winning the battle against MS.  His cause is supported by entertainment celebrities, athletes and major corporations. David is the first person with Multiple Sclerosis to train to compete in an NPC bodybuilding contest winning the Most Inspirational Bodybuilder trophy in 2009 at the age of 50. Read More About David Lyons >>

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