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NFPT Standard and Specialty CE courses to keep your certification active. Plus FREE ways to earn approved CECs!


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NFPT flameNFPT has been certifying personal trainers since 1988. Family-owned and operated, we care about our trainers. We certify fitness enthusiasts who aspire to train safely, effectively and enthusiastically for themselves and their clients. But more than a certification, we support your on-going needs as a fitness professional.

NFPT offers an accredited personal trainer certification and accompanying distinction, NFPT-CPT. NFPT Certified Personal Trainers work one-on-one or in small group settings. They understand fundamental exercise science principles for safe and effective fitness program design. NFPT Certification provides a foothold for the entry level personal trainer and brings credentialing value to existing CPTs.

NFPT offers education for fitness enthusiasts and certification for aspiring personal fitness trainers. NFPT Education is a comprehensive resource for understanding fundamental exercise science and fitness training concepts.

NFPT certified personal trainers get the support and resources needed to be successful in the fitness industry.

NFPT is accredited by the NCCA, ICE, ClubConnect, MFNNFPT is affiliated with IDEA, IHRSA, Department of Veterans Affairs and National Fitness Hall of Fame

7 Reasons to Choose NFPT Certification

NCCANationally Accredited

NFPT’s CPT program is NCCA accredited – our industry’s gold standard for certification programs.  See certification comparisons here.

Continuing EducationFree and Easy CECs

Your CPT credential requires Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for recertification. With NFPT, a variety of options are available to earn free credits with NFPT CE offerings, or earn credits for any learning activity that you are already doing. More about CECs and Certification Renewal.

flex fundamentalsFocus on Fundamentals

We take a back-to-basics approach to learning that focuses on comprehension. NFPT trainers demonstrate their understanding of fundamental exercise science principles for designing safe and effective personal training programs. More about NFPT Education.

NFHOFHistory & Recognition

NFPT is a family of fitness professionals and personal trainers. It was established in 1988 by a Marine turned personal trainer. His vision was to provide a real-world, practical certification. More about us.

map computerConvenient Testing

The NFPT exam is administered at over 350 locations. Set your test date by appointment at your convenience. See Test Locations.

service-iconDiscounts for Club Staff & Military

Existing health club staff are eligible for special discounts, and NFPT proudly offers discounts for Military, Fire and Police service. You can even use your military G.I. Bill reimbursement for the exam sitting fee!

financing-iconSimple Financing

Our financing option is a great way to be on your way to personal trainer certification without the up-front financial obligation. Just make a down payment, get all of your education prep tools and materials, and make payments in any amount that you want over a period of one year. More About Financing

What People Say

Daniel Mills

I started personal training more recently, but it didn’t take long to know that being a personal trainer is what I want to do with my life! I had the pleasure of working directly with Ron Clark, NFPT’s founder, and I learned so much that I knew I could put it to work. Getting certified was the next step. I know now that it’s possible to take my passion and make it a career – because I’m doing it! Thank you NFPT!

Daniel Mills, NFPT-CPT

Debrae Barensfeld

Being a personal trainer has been the most rewarding career choice I’ve ever made. After 25 years of acting and entertainment, I met a personal trainer with the NFPT, his knowledge was amazing. I investigated the many affiliations but none of them offered what the NFPT did. I feel blessed to be a part of such a committed organization!

Debrae Barensfeld, NFPT-CPT and NitroForce Owner

Matt Hirschberg

The NFPT CPT program is my recommended certification for entry level trainers to pursue. What makes NFPT different is how effective it is in giving trainers a good foundation of knowledge in an easy to understand format without overwhelming them. Beyond certification, the NFPT gives trainers an amazing yet cost effective platform to grow and expand their expertise.

Matt Hirschberg, NFPT-CPT and Club Owner

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The Role of a Personal Trainer

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How Much Do Personal Trainers Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and industry data, employment opportunities for personal trainers and group instructors is expected to grow by 24% between the years of 2010 to 2020. This expected growth rate has proven accurate with salary averages and job opportunities on the rise for fitness trainers.