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🔥Pitfalls and Disadvantages of Personal Training Career: Reality Check for Prospective Fitness Trainers🔥

You have just decided you want to pursue a Personal Trainer certification — congratulations! This exciting and rewarding career path opens doors to guiding others to live their best possible lives by achieving their fitness and health goals! While this endeavor may seem straightforward (find a gym, get hired, acquire clients, etc.), the day-to-day realities may come as an often unwelcome surprise. Here we explore the potential pitfalls of pursuing a fitness career, enabling you to enter this vast arena with eyes wide open and prepared to succeed.
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Attend the BEST In-Person Personal Trainer Workshops

Our education partner and provider GlobalFit Educators runs near-weekly workshops for hands-on training and education for personal trainers.

Some of the Topics Covered:

Basic Human Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics:

  • Understanding muscle tissue types and muscle fiber
  • Review of planes of motion
  • Understanding cellular adaptations to imposed demands
  • Anatomy of the heart, digestive system and respiratory system

Performance, Participation, and Understanding of:

  • Blood pressure testing
  • Sit and reach test
  • Body composition assessment (Bio-Impedance / Caliper)
  • Interpret and prescribe cardiovascular prescriptions based on Karvonen Formula
  • Performance of 3-minute step test with result interpretation
  • Perform strength test based on percentage with a: 10 rep max, 10 rep sub-maximal Chest Press, 10 rep sub-maximal Leg Press, 10 rep sub-maximal Pull Down
  • Perform muscle endurance assessments with result interpretation
  • One minute sit-up test
  • Pull ups (men) or modified Pull up (women)
  • Push ups (men) or modified push ups (women)
  • Active demonstrations of the 17 NFPT recommended base exercises with proper spotting techniques
  • Active demonstrations of the 16 NFPT recommended base stretches

Energy systems, ATP production, and related training methods

Stretching techniques and applying them correctly

Wellness and Nutrition

Legal and Professional Practices

You will learn and review the fundamentals of exercise science and real-world methodologies that will enhance the success of yourself and your clients!


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Become an NFPT Trainer!

From NFPT, you’ll get quality personal trainer programming and honest communication with no hidden fees or gimmicks. We designed our program, accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, to strict standards to give you the knowledge you need to pass the exam and the confidence to launch your new career. Together, we’re creating a healthier future for the personal training industry, our community — and the people whose lives you lift up every day.

Become a Personal Trainer

Continuing Education

With so many free opportunities, you’ll easily earn the continuing education credits you need to keep your NFPT certification current. Our commitment to quality education with no hidden fees is how we take care of our trainer family. It’s why we’re different from any other certification organization.

Earn CEC’s

Volunteer for NFPT

As a volunteer member of the NFPT Advisory Committee, you contribute to the success of other NFPT trainers. Network with fitness industry professionals and build your reputation as you gain valuable behind-the-scenes experience. Whether as a Subject Matter Expert or as a member of the Certification Council, you, your fitness passion and your business knowledge are critical for other NFPT trainers to succeed.

Volunteer for NFPT

Write for the NFPT Blog

Share your fitness passion by writing posts for the NFPT Blog or by providing high-quality video content of you doing what you do best so we can share on our social media outlets. Detail your specialized knowledge about the newest fitness trends or discuss a tried-and-true technique to stay motivated. Your unique perspective will connect with other trainers and confirm your fitness expertise to a wider audience. And you’ll earn continuing education credits, too.

Write for the NFPT Blog

Be the next NFPT Trainer Spotlight!

Each month, NFPT features one certified personal trainer on our blog, in social media profiles and on our home page. It’s our way of rewarding outstanding members of the NFPT trainer family and showing the world how impressive our trainer family is. Share your story with other certified trainers, fitness industry professionals and trainer candidates. Get inspired and be inspiring at the same time.

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