Why Sleep and Recovery Is So Important For Personal Training Clients

In pursuit of the perfect body, many people focus on things like workout routines and supplements, however, many fail to consider another vital component of training-recovery. Remember that training is the stimulus to which the body adapts, but sufficient rest is essential to allow time for the adaptations to take place.


Sleep: Not to Be Taken Lightly

As a species, humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. That might not be surprising, considering that sleep allows the body to recover from the activities of the two thirds spent awake.


Eat Drink and Sleep?

When you eat and drink can affect sleep and how you sleep can impact how much and what you eat and drink. Meeting health-related goals…


Sleep Coach

Learn and share the importance of a sound sleep to body and mind and how better sleep is the first step in improving the health and fitness of your clients.

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