Author: Steve Sarno

Steve entered the fitness industry out of a passion for health, fitness and athletics. He has been an official industry professional for 5 years. Out of Tuckahoe High School, Steve was the co-captain of the 2006 State Championship Football team and a 4-year varsity starter on the baseball team. His senior year Steve excelled his hitting to have the 3rd best batting average in section 1. From there, Steve attended Adelphi University where he completed his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. During his Junior year, he was accepted into Adelphi’s Physical Education Honors Fraternity Phi Epsilon Kappa and also acquired a job as a Physical Therapist Aid at Physical Solutions based out of Long Island. During his Senior year of college, Steve found his niche in the Human Performance lab assisting in Max VO2, Dual Max and stress tests with 12 lead EKG set ups. Steve holds a Personal Trainer certification through the American College of Sports Medicine and has prior experience working with clients that have orthopedic problems.

Posts by Steve Sarno:

How To Do A Step-Up

The step-up exercise is personally one of my favorite exercises to prescribe for any runner looking to increase their force production through the ground with…

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