Keeping Your Personal Training Clients

The most difficult task for a personal trainer in today’s market can be getting new clients and keeping the current clients hungry for more. With the economy in its current state, and the competition of home workout programs and huge gyms that offer “free personal training”, it can be easy to get overlooked or passed up by potential clients. Today I will share some tips that have worked in the industry before and they will help you if you are caught in rut trying to gain more clients.

The first thing you should be concerned with is making your current clients as happy as possible. Happy clients will continue to stay with you and are also more eager to give their friends referrals. Consider giving your current clients small rewards for simple things like hitting a PR on deadlifts by posting a comment on their Facebook page about how they killed it in the gym. Offering a couple free training sessions for giving a referral to a friend isn’t a bad idea either. After all, a majority of your success as a personal trainer rests on your ability to make you clients happy, not just with results, but, with how you make them feel.

The next important tip is growing your business. As a personal trainer your business is only as good as your last month. Meaning clients will always come and go for the most part and just because you had a stellar month last month doesn’t mean you will again this month. So to make it easier on yourself mentally, you might want to look for new clients at all times. Even if your schedule is currently full.  Having a few potential clients on the hook is a good practice.

Separate yourself from the pack. It has been said that competition breeds greatness. I fully believe in that. The current state of the fitness industry is full of stiff competition. This is a good thing. It may seem more difficult to succeed in that kind of environment but it will make you better. In order to succeed you will need to separate yourself from the rest of the trainers. Find a market that you can fill, such as a spin or yoga instructor. Or offer more bang for the client’s buck. I’m not suggesting lowering your rates or giving your services away. I’m saying to make sure that you are giving a great service to your client. Give them more than they asked for by providing them with work out calendars, meal planning guides or give them a free assessment every month. Things like these will let your clients know that you care about their results and want them to succeed.

These are just a few ways to improve your current situation. Maybe some of you are already taking advantages of strategies like these. What are some other tactics that you employ to get new clients and beat the competition?


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