Dynamax: More Than Just A Medicine Ball


The Education


Dynamax is more than just a medicine ball. The company has over 25 years of hands on experience teaching proper medicine ball application. Over the last three years Dynamax Continuing Education has become available to trainers, coaches, or anyone who wants to learn. Dynamax and its master trainers have been teaching globally spreading their high-velocity solo and partner-based training. All exercises can be easily interjected into almost any program to add a new element of adaptability and fun. Watch this short video to see 25 years of work. (insert video). Learn why the Dynamax medicine ball is one the most significant, yet under utilized training tools ever created by attending one of our workshops, clinics, or expo seminars near you.

The Design

Dynamax medicine balls are ergonomically designed to maximize movement efficiency. The standard balls measure 14” in diameter, which is the approximate width of the human shoulder girdle. This allows athletes to maintain the all-important neutral spinal position during exercise and avoid excessive shoulder protraction caused by holding onto a smaller object. As a result, athletes maximally perform in the safest, most biomechanically correct range of motion possible.

Dynamax’s soft shell construction is designed to absorb impact, allowing for a wide variety of both solo and partner-based training to take place at high velocity. Despite the pliability of the ball’s exterior, every ball is specifically designed to maintain an even internal weight distribution regardless of the conditions it is used in.

Balls are offered in weights ranging from 4lbs to 30lbs, making the balls highly scalable and appropriate for use by anyone regardless of age or level of athleticism. Dynamax also offer smaller 10” diameter balls that are perfect for youth and one-arm training.

Since its foundation in 1985, Dynamax has been the gold standard for soft-shell medicine ball design, construction and durability. All balls are made with a military grade vinyl exterior, while the interior of the ball consists of 70% recycled materials. Following its rise in popularity over the past three decades, many imitators have tried replicate Dynamax, however none have been able to establish the same quality, integrity and in turn brand loyalty that is associated with the Dynamax name.

All balls are proudly hand made in the USA, and go through a rigorous inspection process before they leave our facility.

About Dynamax

Dynamax, Inc. was established in Austin, TX in 1985 by Jim Cawley and Bruce Evans. Their overarching goal for creating the very first “soft-shell medicine ball” was to enable participants to create the most efficient flow of directed motion possible in a safe and fun environment. Other traditional medicine balls could not achieve such feats because their hard shell made them dangerous to use at high velocity. Following its creation, the ball soon exploded with popularity within various athletic communities. It allowed athletes to train safely at maximum velocities encouraging power development with coordination and accuracy. The Dynamax medicine ball is now widely considered the most versatile and effective piece of exercise equipment available, as it is the only tool that can effectively train all 10 general physical skills in one exercise bout.

Dynamax medicine balls have now become a permanent fixture across all sectors of the fitness industry including sports performance, rehabilitation, CrossFit and general fitness.


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