FX-Sport VR1 Headphones


FX-Sport have brought to the market, a completely new way for personal trainers to train their clients remotely. They are also giving a limited time, exclusive offer on this item for qualified personal trainers [see below]. Their product, the “VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones”, allows custom made workouts to be uploaded directly onto wireless headphones. Audible instruction, time notifications and personalized motivational messages can all be input in your own words, via their free software – as well as 8GB of premium quality mp3 player, all integrated. The technology is based on text to speech software. Several voices are available to choose from for the instruction. Male or female.

FX-Sport are a UK based company with US affiliates. CEO, Duncan Walsh, is an ex-professional squash player and in 2006 was World over 40 Champion. His fanatical approach to training has now translated to inspiring others to be the best they can be. “We didn’t want to create a product that was a gimmick. We wanted a genuine training aid and this is. For those occasions when you train on your own, the VR1 squeezes that bit more out of you. It simply makes you train harder and better.”


The Design

In brief, the headphones have 3 aspects:

1. Custom make any workout for any activity with instruction, time notifications and motivational messages in your own words. This is done via the simple and free software downloaded from the FX-Sport website. Then just upload the workout directly onto the wireless headphones. All workouts can be saved on the software, to create a library of training sessions. A session can easily be e-mailed, as a file created by the software, to a client. From receiving the email to having the workout on the headphones, would be less than 2 minutes. The client could be on a beach at the other side of the world, but still doing their trainer’s session, as well as listening to their own great quality music on the headphones.

2. Download pre-prepared workouts onto the headphones from the ever increasing database of training sessions at the FX-Sport website. Named, “The Workout Store”, there are many categories and levels of difficulty. Created and verified by qualified personal trainers FX-Sport are working with in the UK.

3. An integrated premium quality 8GB mp3 player. Album names/playlists are voiced to the user for a luxurious browse through their music. Track change, shuffle mode, volume and fast forward and rewind within a track are available. An extra amp on the electronic board gives great bass which does not distort at higher volume.

Basically, the user would start listening to their music. When ready, the user would press the “RM” button to hear “Ready Go”. This is the start of the session. Then at the designated time, the PT’s message would be voiced, then the user is returned to their music. The next message plays at it’s designated time, then back to music. Up to 64 messages can be input. The message may simply be “Keep going, you’re doing well Mary”, or a time notification during an interval of work, or a simple “Go” or “stop”. It could also be a more detailed explanation of an exercise requiring technique.

The concept is based on the idea that using a phone app for example, is actually not very practical in the reality of training. A phone is usually just something getting in the way and can be prone to damage. The VR1 headphones are a purpose made, much more convenient device, capable of custom making ANY workout.

The headphones themselves are just 50 grammes. They are comfortable, secure and have undergone specific processes to make them sweat-proof and rainproof. Via the software, there is also the option to “Race a Virtual Athlete” whereby the parameters of a race are input and the headphones relay the progress of the virtual athlete to the user. The user then compares the progress of the virtual athlete to their progress on a running machine, exercise bike, or GPS device if using outside. The race is also quite detailed, with the virtual athlete having a variable speed profile and an “unknown” finish time, within the parameters set by the user. This particular functionality may not be of direct use to the personal trainer, but gives a little extra to the user.


Cain Leathem – Master Personal Trainer. Runs instruction courses in the UK. Studied Anatomy and Physiology, Massage, Exercise prescription, Nutrition, Supplementation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Biomechanics, Phlebotomy and many related disciplines. 20 years experience. Athletes include over 80 British Champions, 14 World Champions, 6 Ms Universe Champions and  4 World Record Holders.

“I am very careful and selective which products I use to train and advise my client base and students.

The FX Sport headsets are a fantastic tool to confirm the drills and techniques that I set within my clients program. The input of speech allows me to control the tempo and correct execution of the exercises whilst the client can listen to their favorite music to motivate them through the often grueling workouts. The quality of sound through such a truly portable system is outstanding – I was genuinely blown away by the acoustics.

I am incorporating these units more and more from beginner recreational trainers to elite athletes – a truly dedicated training aid that educates and motivates all at once!


Sophie Hitchon – British Record Holder for Hammer Throwing:

“The headphones are great for me, I use them in training and they stay stable when doing powerful exercises. I use the personal trainer aspect for my recovery stretching routine it makes sure I do it correctly and not just guessing at the timings. “


Lucy Gossage – Winner of the European Duathlon in Horst and 7 Ironman races completed:

“I’ve been enjoying using the FX Sport headphones and have found them particularly useful on the turbo. It’s easy to set yourself a session with the right tracks to accompany the harder and easier intervals and a few motivational comments to keep you going in the harder bits! They’re really comfortable and the sound quality is great!”


David Riley – National 400m runner:

“I think the FX sport headphones are a great idea. Allowing your training sessions to be programmed into your headphones is really useful. For example on  track sessions it gives you instant time feedback and therefore the ability to change pace if needed. This means with FX Sport, it’s like having a coach watching your session and supplying you with the information needed to train more effectively and ultimately more efficiently. To be able to do all of this whilst listening to your own specifically chosen music makes it even better. “

For a limited time, FX-Sport are offering an exclusive offer to qualified personal trainers. Retail is $149 and the offer is $109 with the discount code “PT109”. PLUS a 30 day money back guarantee!

Make sure to check out their page at www.fx-sport.net



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