Five Marketing Tools to Get In-Home Clients Immediately

  1. Have a good and catchy business name and a professional logo designed for your business.
  2. Have a professionally designed website. Check out at least ten current personal training web sites. Doing that will give you some good ideas of what you want for your own site. For personal trainers, WordPress framework is usually a good low-cost option. You can also make most of the website content changes yourself.   The website must contain easily viewable contact information and a unique selling proposition (explanation of what makes you different and separates you from your competitors).
  3. Get business cards made up. Make sure to put all of your contact information on the card. Include your website address, cell phone number and email address. Having a picture of yourself on the card is generally a good idea because it can make a positive and powerful impression to prospective clients and it can help them remember who you are.  A couple of other cool things you can add to your card are a unique selling proposition for your business and a QR code which is scanned by a smartphone and brings people right to your website.
  4. A professionally designed car magnet (they are removable) is a cool way to showcase your web address, company name, phone number and logo.
  5. Get professionally designed banners or ground signs made up. List several potential places that may consist of your potential fitness customers.  Prior to making these signs/banners, get permission for their placement and specifications for size.

Hope these tips help you succeed in any further in-home fitness endeavors!

Jeff Drock

President and founder of the Home Fitness Professionals Association Has worked within the fitness industry for over 15 years. Jeff received his master’s degree in Sport Behavior and Performance from Miami University and has obtained several fitness certifications including: National Strength and Conditioning Association/Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Etcheberry Performance/Tennis Physical Conditioning Specialist, Institute of Human Performance/Functional Training Specialist, Cooper Institute/Certified Fitness Advisor, International Fitness Professionals Association/Certified Fitness Trainer, and Life Fitness/Gold Certified Specialist.


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