Gym Etiquette 101A gym is much like an adult playground, so it’s good to know how to get along with the others in the sandbox. Instead of building sandcastles, we’re building fit bodies.

I am a professional writer and a personal fitness trainer certified through National Federation of Professional Trainers. I published a book, Gym Etiquette 101, this summer and will be writing some blogs with snippets from my book. I hope you’ll follow along…no sand shovels or buckets needed, but you might want to keep a sense of humor close by.

The book offers 10 helpful tips for surviving and eventually loving a gym. I will share some of these in my blogs, as well as some of the illustrations created by Sloane Williams.

To give you some background, I did lots of research, interviews and observations before
writing the book. Through the power of social media, I surveyed people across the country and a few overseas to find out the top 15 complaints at a gym. I call them #gymfails. Most likely you have seen these if you are a gym rat; you may have even committed one or two.

  1. Not wiping down equipment (this was the biggest complaint by a landslide)
  2. Lifting and caveman-type gruntingetiquette1
  3. Not re-racking weights
  4. Talking on the phone while using equipment
  5. Watching other people exercise
  6. Leaving wet towels in the locker room/sauna
  7. Walking into classes late
  8. People talking to you while exercising
  9. Provocative dressing
  10. Hogging equipment
  11. The arrogant walk, cocky strutting
  12. People who stink
  13. Those trying to find a “hook up”
  14. Germs brought into the gym
  15. Slamming weights down to get noticed

Join me over the next several weeks as we begin walking through the ins and outs, dos and don’ts at a gym. Feel free to share the blogs with trainers, gym rats, gym rat wannabes and anybody else. Check out my book/website: You know you want lots of copies. See you in the gym!