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Bodybuilders work out to develop their maximum possible muscular size. However, to look most impressive, they must strip off the fat in order to see the separation between various muscles. Before a competition, they alter their diet by eating less and even use drugs which can be carried to such extremes that their physical and mental health can deteriorate – even unto Death!

Quite by accident, I learned of a completely safe and healthy diet to attain outstanding muscle definition without experiencing any hunger or mental depression. After I had my appendix removed, the doctors informed me that I had a severe case of diabetes. 

I wasn’t too surprised because I had always had abnormal cravings for sugar. I had to take insulin injections and use pills to keep my blood sugar low or face the fact that I would die soon from the side effects of high blood sugar such as heart, blood vessel, kidney, and nerve damage.  Most importantly, I had to eat properly and exercise more intensely.

paleo diet

The hospital gave me a booklet on proper eating, but I didn’t trust that completely.  I searched the bookstores for more information.  One day I saw a book entitled The Paleo Diet. 

Paleo is the nickname for the Paleolithic Age when primitive man lived on this earth prior to 10,000 years ago and before man learned to grow crops and domesticate animals. 

The theory of the writer, Loren Cordain, Ph.D., is that modern man is not genetically adapted to be healthy on our modern diet, which has been corrupted by new hybrid plants, pesticides, processing, salted and sugared grains that primitive people never had access to.

Contrary to popular opinion, primitive people were very healthy, lean and muscular, with incredible endurance and free of decaying, crooked teeth, acne, obesity, heart disease, and insanity. Average life expectancy was only 30 because of climate, drought, floods, famine, biologic diseases and predator animals.

The healthy condition of primitive people who live under Stone Age conditions is well confirmed by the pages of history.  The diaries of explorers such as Christopher Columbus reveal their amazement at the health and beauty of the natives of newly discovered lands.

I began very quickly to follow the Paleo diet without any compromise. I completely omitted alcohol, sugar, bread or any grains, milk or milk products, and beans – including peanuts. The book explains with very good scientific research, why these items are destructive to human health. 

Meat is allowed, except for processed meat. After only three weeks on my diet, I lost 20 pounds, even though I ate as much as I wanted to satisfy my hunger.  I did not think that I had that much fat to lose.

The effects of the diet amazed my family doctor. After a few months, I no longer needed insulin injections or pills, for my blood sugar level lowered to normal. He never had any diabetic patient recover so completely.

The effects on my muscular definition were also amazing. For the first time in my life, I had so little body fat, that I could see the veins in my forearms and lower legs and I had “cuts” in my thighs with each of the quadriceps clearly defined. 

My waist became as solid as a rock and swept inward below my chest and became completely flat below the naval. All this was achieved without boring aerobics, drugs, pumping methods and isolation exercises. Squats, deadlifts, and three compound upper body exercises COMPRISED MY ENTIRE WORKOUT performed only two times a week.

The Paleo Diet might be worth trying for yourself and telling your clients about.

Gary Knepper is certified as Advanced Weight Training Specialist and Advanced Endurance Training Specialist by the National Federation of Professional Trainers.


Cordain, Loren, Ph.D, The Paleo Diet, Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company, 215 Park Avenue, South New York, New York 10003, © 2002, 2011


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