Time-Saving Tech for Personal Trainers



You may think that your hours spent planning your social media posts, developing detailed exercise programming, and answering phone calls from potential clients is productive time, but there is likely a lot of wasted time spent in all of those processes.

A few minutes shaved off of your office work and phone calls can be directly transferred to time with new clients. Here are a few time-saving pieces of technology for you to test out.


Scheduling Consultations

Setting up an initial consultation could take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. At the hospital, I would get a phone call and before I knew it, the potential client on the other side of the phone was pouring out all the details on their weight gain, goals, and needs.

Although this could be a great opportunity to develop a relationship with a potential client, you aren’t making money off of those phone calls. Whether you are marketing your personal training services online, in a fitness club/gym, or in your own studio, an easy way to turn potential clients into active clients is by giving them an online way to sign up for a consultation or initial session.

Once they’ve signed up for a consult, then they can ask all the questions and pour out all the details while you make a profit. I like to use websites like SignUp.com to create a sign-up sheet for my potential clients. Simply schedule out time slots for available appointments, write in any prompts or directions about their appointment and voila, you have a shareable link for clients to follow.



Scheduling Sessions

Many personal trainers spend precious time playing phone tag with clients, trying to schedule next sessions. Rather than talking back and forth about availability over the phone, give your clients the ability to view your schedule anytime, anywhere.

Apps like Calendly allow you to invite clients to view your availability and schedule their own appointments with you.

You get a notification of a new appointment and your clients get the peace of mind knowing they don’t have to hunt you down to receive your services. Calendly can be synced to your personal calendar on your phone or computer to make things even easier.


Organization and Management

All personal trainers have their own way of keeping track of an ever-growing To Do list. Somedays, the most satisfying thing for me is just checking all of the little boxes on my list.

A realization that I had when I was training 20 clients once was that I had the same sort of checklist for each client throughout their training. I hated flipping back and forth through my notebooks to find out where all of the clients were in their training program.

Using organizational programs like Trello changed my life. Not only can I keep track of my clients’ progress, but I can also plan all of my social media posts, create business plans and dream boards and much, much more. Trello is a very simple program which makes customizable to fit your needs for any project.

Workout Labs

Programming and communication

When I had my first wave of potential clients, I had no idea how I would keep all of the programming individualized, specific, track progress and still have enough time in the day to do the rest of my work.

Discovering WorkoutLabs.com was the biggest game-changer of all. Workout Labs allows you to build individualized programs into a calendar that your clients can access.

Each workout has drawn figures demonstrating proper movement technique and detailed instruction. Your clients check off their workouts when they do them so that you can track their progress and communicate with them when they aren’t working with you at the gym.

When I first starting using this program I created four different six-week programs. I would assign the program to a new client and then tailor the movements to their needs.

For clients who enjoy using technology, they can use this program on their computer or phone.

For clients who prefer paper, they can print their program and keep it in a folder or binder. This program has something for every type of client and trainer.

By incorporating just one of these time-saving tools, you can save yourself time sitting at a desk and transfer it to time spent changing lives.

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Hanna Riley B.S. in Kinesiology, NFPT CPT is a passionate trainer, writer, and graphic designer. Hanna's greatest passion is working with people who want to better themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. She believes that we are all stronger than we think and she aspires to extend patience, kindness, education, self-motivation, confidence to her clients to help them unleash their strength. For more from Hanna, connect on social media on Facebook as Hanna Riley and Instagram as @house.ofhanna.
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