Writing to Improve Your Marketing

Last week I talked about how valuable and necessary it is to listen as a form of marketing. On the opposite spectrum of that, it is also necessary that your voice is heard. One incredibly useful way of making sure your voice is heard is by writing. Writing is an effective way to let people know you are an expert in the field and also increase your visibility to the masses.

Establishing yourself as an expert will keep you on people’s minds. Especially if you keep yourself available to take calls from local reporters and news sources. Develop relationships with them, and let them know you are a good source that they can turn to for information and story ideas. You might even want to contact your local newspapers and see if they need or want some articles centered around fitness.

Writing so it is visible to the masses can be done in several different ways to insure people to read it. NFPT is offering an even easier one. NFPT is now taking article submissions for both the NFPT Blog and the digital magazine, Personal Trainer Today. Here is a quick snapshot of what NFPT is looking for in your written submissions:

The Blog PersonalTrainerToday.com
400-600 words 600-1000 words
  • More casual in nature: write on one of our general topics (PT Marketing, Advice to PTs, Business Advice, Industry News, Workout/Client Training Tips)
  • More academic in nature: write on a specific aspect of exercise science/physiology
  • Can be opinionated; no sources needed
  • Factual information; sources supplied and cited
  • A brief biography on your educational background, business; with links to your website, your own blog and your social media profiles
  • A brief biography on your educational background, business; with links to your website, your own blog and your social media profiles
  • Correct grammar word usage (minimal editing by NFPT)
  • Correct grammar word usage (minimal editing by NFPT)
  • Can earn anywhere between 0.25-0.5 credits
  • Can earn anywhere between 0.25-1.0 credit

Each blog post or article is reviewed individually with the above basic requirements in mind. We will determine the value that your submission could bring to fellow readers, as well as the level to which we will be required to edit your submission. For sufficient blog posts and articles we will award participants with Continuing Education Credits. Not only are you presenting yourself as an expert, but you will also be gaining CECs in the process. Talk about two birds with one stone! It is absolutely a win-win opportunity for you as an NFPT trainer.

If you are interested in submitting a blog post or PTT article for potential CEC award, please send your submissions to me, Ryan Farrell at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!


Ryan Farrell started working with the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) in 2012. As NFPT's Marketing Coordinator, Ryan is responsible for aiding company reputation by building brand awareness and establishing strong working relationships among NFPT, its affiliates and industry partners.
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