Apply a Hands-On Approach to Personal Training

trainer working out with client

Take the hands-on approach with clients to help grow your personal training business. Results are what drives your business and results come from proper instruction and execution.

What type of learning style do you learn the best from? Kinesthetic (the hands-on approach) or auditory (the verbal route)? Kinesthetic is when one learns best with the physical activities/moves are demonstrated. Auditory style learns best when said moves/activities are verbally instructed.

With either style as professional trainers, it is dire that we accommodate both styles for clients. I personally see clients get the best results with the hands-on approach, which has helped me grow my business.

Here are a few ways to do just that.

Keep Close Contact with the Client

trainer working out with client

It is true that we like our physical space being respected. There is a sense of security when people are at least arm’s length. However, within the context of personal training, I have found that clients appreciate when I am nearby, just in case those 25 lbs dumbbells hoisted over their heads come barreling down.

I’m there to prevent that! Along with the safety aspect of being in close quarters with your clients, I am able to gauge the client’s receptivity to my own demonstrations and instructions; this raises the level of comfort and accountability.

It also gives the client the sense that great consideration is being placed on their performance, which doubles back to their results down the line; It’s a win-win situation.

Demonstrate the Moves 

Back to learning styles… Giving proper verbal instructions for auditory learners is a huge factor when dealing with clients. However, it’s one thing to instruct your client to:

  • Place the weight on your back and stand shoulder width apart
  • Squat down while keeping your chest out and back straight
  • Keep your knees behind your toes and refrain from bringing them inward

It’s another thing to have them execute those instructions with proper form.

You probably guessed those instructions were for squatting. How to turn those beautiful words into swift action from your client? I always take it upon myself to provide a thorough walkthrough of every move I have my clients perform; from A to Z.

push ups with client

I usually give a physical demonstration of each move first without resistance, just so the barebones of the move is conveyed. I follow with a demonstration using resistance so the client can see my effort, breathing, etc.

A personal trainers schedule can be sporadic and highly demanding on your energy levels but that is part of the territory when pursuing this field. Nonetheless, close and careful attention should be given to clients.

Laser focus on each and every client showcases your professionalism and grows your relationships with clients and ultimately expand your business.

What hands-on approaches have you used with clients, care to share?

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Mr. Dassin is an NFPT certified trainer, NFPT author, and fitness model. A staunch humanitarian and intellectual, Stephen boasts over 15 years of experience in the areas of health and fitness. Stephen’s approach to personal training is methodical in nature; his methods take an interpersonal and scientific based view of the connections of the human mind and the human anatomy and it’s capabilities. His passion for fitness is unparalleled. His athletic background fueled his poise in becoming knowledgeable about nutrition as well. This added fuel to his desire to help others achieve their own individual goals in the area of fitness such as himself. Join Stephen on his journey, not just a fitness journey but the greatest journey of them all: Life.
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