Arnold Classic Celebrates 25th

The Arnold Classic, one of if not the most prestigious titles in professional bodybuilding, will celebrate its 25th Anniversary this weekend. Held in Columbus, Ohio, The Arnold Classic is the premiere event in men’s professional bodybuilding presenting the world’s leading IFBB professional athletes. It has been around since the beginnings of NFPT and we are proud to say they are a big part of our roots. Like you know, our President and Founder, Ron Clark, started out with a great interest in bodybuilding. Because of this interest, NFPT itself was very much bodybuilding focused in it’s origins.


The entire event is known as the Arnold Sports Festival. It is the largest multi-sport event in the nation. The Festival boasts more than 18,000 athletes annually who compete in more than 45 sports and events. More than 175,000 fitness enthusiasts attend the Arnold Sports Festival each year. Attendees will experience thrilling moments of sports competition and fitness entertainment.

My first time going to the Arnold I was pretty nervous. I was expecting everyone there to be these completely ripped guys not fitting in their shirts. But the fitness industry is so much more than that. There were people of all ages, shapes and sizes. From your hardcore bodybuilders to your average fitness enthusiasts. This industry is filled with so many unique people and personalities. Very cool to be in the same room with so many like-minded people who are crazy about fitness and helping others meet those fitness dreams.