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About: Cathleen Kronemer

Cathleen Kronemer is an NFPT CEC writer, AFAA-Certified Group Exercise Instructor, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, ACE-Certified Health Coach, competitive bodybuilder and freelance writer. She is employed at the Jewish Community Center in St. Louis, MO. Cathleen has been involved in the fitness industry for almost three decades. Feel free to contact her at She welcomes your feedback and your comments!

Recent Posts by Cathleen Kronemer

Rhabdomyolysis: The Life-Threatening Effects of Muscle Breakdown

How far will some individuals go to claim a title? As a burgeoning bodybuilder, an athlete can train hard, abide faithfully by the trainer/coach’s instructions, eat clean, and take in […]

Prevent Drowsy Driving by Staying Awake the Healthy Way

Exercise can save your life in more than one way. It prevents disease yes, but also enhances alertness when done properly and combined with good nutrition. Many people seek out fitness […]

Exercise And The Common Cold Conundrum

Do you “Starve a cold, Feed a fever”, vice versa, or neither? I’m a big believer in trying to increase fluids to help rid an ailing body of virus germs. Aside […]

The Difference Between Try and Triumph

The word “helpful” seems to be weaved within the role of personal trainer. Making a difference in the lives of others happens naturally in this field. However, being a truly triumphant […]

Show Off Your Body Imperfections

We all wish to put our best foot forward, and present ourselves in the most flattering light to the world around us. Yet somewhere along the line society has stripped […]

Does Training Together Benefit a Relationship?

Ever thought to invite cupid to the gym? After all, love is in the air, Valentine hearts seem to be dominating every retailer’s shelves, and of course, the price of […]

Seeing Red: Advocating For Women’s Heart Health

As we are all aware, healthy lives do not begin and end with fitness alone. Lifestyle, dietary habits, genetics and stressful work environments also figure into the equation. Our clients […]

Helping Clients Overcome The Dialysis Drain

Receiving a diagnosis of acute renal failure, or end-stage kidney disease is a frightening experience. Unlike many cancers, which respond well to radiation treatments and chemotherapy, the only real cure […]

Walk Before You Run; Crawl Before You Walk

As we enter 2017, our family has many things to which we are looking forward, most notably the arrival (G-d willing) of our first grandchild in mid-May. As you can […]

SDT: Start Dedicated Training with Self-Determination Theory

This is the time of year for change. Whether it is changing weather patterns, changing wardrobes, or the simple act of hanging a brand-new calendar on the side of the […]