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About: Cathleen Kronemer

Cathleen Kronemer is an NFPT CEC writer, AFAA-Certified Group Exercise Instructor, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, ACE-Certified Health Coach, competitive bodybuilder and freelance writer. She is employed at the Jewish Community Center in St. Louis, MO. Cathleen has been involved in the fitness industry for almost three decades. Feel free to contact her at [email protected] She welcomes your feedback and your comments!

Recent Posts by Cathleen Kronemer

No Pain, No Gain? No Way!

“Part of what makes an athlete an athlete is the ability to play through pain.” DO YOU AGREE? This statement was made by Brian P. McKeon, Boston Celtics chief medical officer […]

Cross-Cultural Personal Training

Learn to become a culturally diverse personal trainer by creating a “melting pot gym” for new clients whether or not foreign travel is within your grasp. Every country across the […]

Clients and Combat Training – Presenting Krav Maga

Offering a client the opportunity to become a human walking weapon simply through proper training might open up new doors for personal trainers seeking to expand their repertoire. Krav Maga […]

Evidence Based Approach to Exercise Programming

There’s always something new to learn about exercise. Which is why many of us love this profession. The human body has many mysteries to uncover through both science and experience. […]

Fermented Foods for a Fit Gut

Your clients can tone their abs and feel more positive about exercise in general by incorporating fermented foods into their routines. Share the good news! Did you know that the […]

Prenatal Workouts Are Missing This Piece

So much attention seems to be focused on pregnant women remaining safely active, staying adequately nourished and hydrated, and preparing for childbirth. What we really need is to zone in […]

Mirror Exercise for Stroke Rehabilitation and Fitness

An educated and informed personal trainer can be of tremendous help to post-stroke clients. Gym facilities are famous for their extensive array of mirrors on the fitness floors. By taking […]

Personal Training a Client With Meniere’s Disease

What does your diet have to do with balance? Quite a bit! Especially for people who have Meneire’s disease. For these clients, spatial experience is significantly different than the average person […]

Does Exercise Lower or Raise Cortisol Levels

Are you stressing your clients out by altering cortisol levels during exercise? We all know that there is a sweet spot when it comes to exercise. So, is the “Stress […]

This Sweet Truth May Turn Your Protein Shake Sour

Is it possible for a “clean” protein source to work against your muscle gaining goals and harbor toxic chemicals? The answer may terrify you and the details are quite disturbing. […]