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About: Cathleen Kronemer

Cathleen Kronemer is an AFAA-Certified Group Exercise Instructor, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, competitive bodybuilder and freelance writer. She is employed at the Jewish Community Center in St. Louis, MO. Cathleen has been involved in the fitness industry for more than two decades. Look for her on, and feel free to contact her here. She welcomes your feedback and your comments!

Recent Posts by Cathleen Kronemer

Helping Clients Overcome The Dialysis Drain

Receiving a diagnosis of acute renal failure, or end-stage kidney disease is a frightening experience. Unlike many cancers, which respond well to radiation treatments and chemotherapy, the only real cure […]

Walk Before You Run; Crawl Before You Walk

As we enter 2017, our family has many things to which we are looking forward, most notably the arrival (G-d willing) of our first grandchild in mid-May. As you can […]

SDT: Start Dedicated Training with Self-Determination Theory

This is the time of year for change. Whether it is changing weather patterns, changing wardrobes, or the simple act of hanging a brand-new calendar on the side of the […]

Kids On The Move…And Into The Gym

Not too long ago, a team of scientists from the University of North Texas presented some fascinating data at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention. Through their research, they […]

Are Your Clients Overextending During The Holidays?

“Lights, Camera…Action!” No, the scene is not some famous Hollywood design set, ready for the close-up. Your client is simply on the front lawn of his home, shouting verbal directions […]

Baby Onboard: Modifying Exercises For Effective Prenatal Workouts

Over the last 5 decades, theories on pregnancy and activity have come a long way. When our moms were expecting, the prevailing notion was to stay off of one’s feet and get as much rest as possible. Today’s women are remaining much more active further into their pregnancies than ever before. Still, there always remains a lingering thought as to just how safe this practice might be for the developing fetus.

Knowing When To Say When

We trainers tend to be a creative bunch. In our quest to keep personal training interesting and dynamic, especially for clients who train with us more often than once a […]

Athletes and Eating Disorders – Where To Draw The Line

When clients come to us with a high level of motivation already in place, our jobs become much easier. Having passed right over the Pre-contemplative and Contemplative stages of readiness, […]

Holiday Travel Advice: Carry On

If the title of this article has you mystified, allow me to clarify. It can apply to your luggage, as in, “carry-on suitcases”; or, it can indicate how important it […]

What Distinguishes You As a GREAT Personal Trainer?

“Clients don’t always care how much you know, as long as they know how much you care.” This adage resonates on many different levels. Our clients like to feel that they are important, unique, and respected. Sure, they appreciate your vast experience and knowledge base. Above all, though, each client who invests time and money in working with a personal trainer wants to derive value from his sessions.