Casey Phipps–NFPT Personal Trainer Spotlight


Meet Casey Phipps, a self-identified Florida boy who’s recently relocated to Denver. Having grown up in a family of athletes and the son of a 12-season NFL quarterback, training came very naturally to him. After working on his own physique for a number of years it became apparent that instructing others on training and nutrition was the right fit for a career path, so he dove right in and never looked back.

Here’s more about what Casey has done and what he plans to do!

How long have you been certified with the NFPT?

Since 2015

Why did you choose the NFPT?

My sister’s trainer was certified through the NFPT and highly recommended it. After browsing a few other avenues it was obvious that the NFPT was the correct choice for me.

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Why did you decide to become a fitness professional?

I was working in a brewery doing cellar man/labor work but also prepping for a bodybuilding show at the same time. After I competed and went back to my normal 9-5 I found myself thinking more about training and nutrition than the tasks at hand. I followed my gut, took a leap of faith, dove right into the NFPT courses and have never looked back.

What is the biggest challenge for you as a personal trainer?

Making sure that you and the client are the right fit for one another. In the beginning, I wanted to work with anyone and everyone, but personalities, philosophies, and approaches have to be properly in sync in order for the relationship to work.

What is your biggest accomplishment in the fitness industry?

My biggest accomplishment has to be the fact that I’ve been able to work and support myself doing what I love to do. If you do what you love then you’ll never work a day in your life.


What has been your most rewarding experience as a personal trainer?

Every time I get a text from a client saying he or she has lost weight or that they feel better overall is the most rewarding feeling ever. It never gets old and every time I receive some sort of praise I feel good about myself and the decisions I’ve made.

How has social media played a role in your fitness business?

It’s been a great tool given that I get to explain diet concepts or training methods in great detail, especially in a video. Some people like to read posts while others like to visually learn things via video. It’s great for keeping clients motivated and they enjoy getting spotlighted too!

Any advice for people thinking about a career in fitness?

Keep an open mind to new ideas and philosophies. Don’t be married to just one type of training style or diet plan. Keep learning, adapting, and overcoming challenges.

What does the future hold for you and for the fitness industry?

I plan on working alongside my talented team at Final Move Fitness, enlightening individuals about the power of training, eating properly, and becoming the best versions of themselves. In the new era of Covid-19 it’s important that people value their well-being, both physically and mentally.



Is there anything else exciting you would like to share?

I’d like to thank the NFPT for giving me to tools to become personal trainer. Without this organization, I probably would still be working a regular job and feeling unfulfilled. Don’t be afraid to take a risk in life. Whether you’re 20 years old or 50, just go after what you want in life. It’s never too late to turn things around for the better.

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NFPT Publisher Michele Rogers, MA, NFPT-CPT, manages and coordinates educational blogs and social media content for NFPT. She’s been a personal trainer for 20 years with a lifetime passion for all things health and fitness. Her mission is to raise kinesthetic awareness and nurture a mind-body connection. After battling chronic lower back pain and becoming a parent, Michele aims her training approach to emphasize corrective exercise and pain resolution. She holds a master’s degree in applied health psychology from Northern Arizona University. Follow Michele on Instagram.