Nitroforce Titan 1000

What do you get when you take two enthusiastic NFPT trainers with a wide range of talents and an idea to build the lightest, fastest, strongest, most versatile and economic home gym?  The NITROFORCE TITAN 1000, “The World’s Most Powerful Home Gym” is what you get.

Frank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeld met at a modeling shoot six years ago and struck up a relationship that spawned one of the most exciting breakthroughs in resistance training equipment in decades.  Frank, a long time NFPT affiliate and SME (Subject Matter Expert), was always looking for the perfect home gym along his 20+ year journey as a personal trainer.  Debrae, a brilliant artist, singer, song writer, author, actor, now turned personal trainer had always had a desire to entertain and inform.  When these two got together and inspired each other a dream team formed. Chuck Norris, Christie Brinkley and the TOTAL GYM are going to be in trouble when these two hit the airwaves soon.
Buying his first home gym at the age of 10, Frank was a skinny kid who longed to be a superhero. But figured out somehow that Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and comics were not real and found a copy of “Muscle Builder” that were full of heroes that were powerful and real.  Schwarzenegger, Zane, Ferrigno, and Columbo became the fantastic four to him.  32 years of exercising, sports, and a trainer for almost 25 years he now claims the title as the “inventor, designer, fabricator” of the TITAN 1000 which he says “has made all other home gyms obsolete”. 

After receiving his degree from Ohio University, and took his knowledge and molded a machine to do the resistance exercises in the same ways that traditional weight training barbell, dumbbell, and cable equipment did. How does 100+ exercises with over 1000 pounds of nitrogen gas pressure sound? The TITAN 1000 weighs in at a light 165lbs. and is no bigger than a treadmill.

Frank started out in a garage building prototypes with hand tools and says, “There hasn’t been a new home gym design for 20 years.”  They decided to take on the TV home gym giants, with their truly one size fits all ability. With an MSRP of $899, the TITAN 1000 is very affordable.

There is versatility in the way it generates resistance.  Barbell, cable, and machine style exercises create movements that no other home gym can duplicate. The TITAN 1000 also has changed the long standing Speed-Strength continuum where light weights are only used for fast movements to develop speed, and heavy weights are slow and used for developing strength.  Since the TITAN 1000 uses nitrogen gas pressure, which has almost no mass, extremely high resistance movements can be performed super high velocity.  What will this yield? Enhanced athletic capabilities involving high speed/power kicks, punches, swings, jumps and throws.  Bigger, faster, stronger, high performance athletes are the hypothesized result. Nitrogen gas pressure resistance could ushering in the new decade of exercise equipment development!  

Don Pope, a World Strongest Man competitor (2006 3rd place world finalist) has endorsed the TITAN 1000 because of a home demo Frank and Debrae did that totally impressed him. Don proclaims, “Never in my life would I expect a 165 pound home gym to have over 1,000 pounds of resistance.  The TITAN 1000 is awesome; it truly is the “Worlds Most Powerful Home Gym”. 

These two individuals have been hard at work for the last five years and have just recently received their first mass production shipment of TITAN 1000s. Trainers are also a main target for information and business opportunities as well.

Take the TITAN to your client’s home, train them on it for several workout sessions, and when they love it, they buy it from you. Or, it can go with you to the next client. Since the TITAN can be both assembled and broken down in less than 5 minutes, this portability prospect has some interesting applications. Why go to the gym where you have to pay a percentage to train there and share all the equipment with everyone when your client can have the option of training “anywhere” and the trainer benefit financially?  Interested?  Visit them on the web at:

With so many directions and opportunities to pursue these two NFPT trainers have a lot of irons in the fire, and welcome all that want to get involved with this new direction in the exercise equipment industry. The TITAN 1000 can make everyone’s dreams become a reality.  Personal trainers by occupation are superheroes by admission!


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