Star Performers Award 2016: Presented by the National Fitness Hall of Fame

NFHOF Star Performer
NFHOF Star PerformerApply to be the first NFHOF Star Performer! The National Fitness Hall of Fame (NFHOF) is a national showcase that recognizes the accomplishment of yesterday’s fitness legends and today’s fitness superstars whose passion is to help individuals get fit and stay healthy. The NFHOF provides both a physical and virtual place where the lifelong efforts of individuals and organizations are acknowledged. 
The “Star Performers” Award is a new recognition for NFHOF members where the fitness professional is recognized for a year of hard work helping others to get fit and stay healthy while staying dedicated to their own personal fitness lifestyle. You could be the very first NFHOF Star Performer! Stand out from the crowd and be recognized for your hard work and dedication to your profession. Here’s how it works:


There are eight different recognition titles in 2 categories (Industry Professional and Fitness Enthusiast):

Industry Professionals:  Trainers  |  Educators  |  Instructors  |  Medical Fitness

Fitness Enthusiasts:  Running  |  Multi-Sport  |  “Fitness Warrior”  |  “Group Exercise Fanatic

For Personal Trainers,  the GOLD “Star Performer” qualifying requirements are:

·        Current fitness certification

·        600+ hours training clients

·        5 testimonials from satisfied clients


You could be the NFHOF Trainer Star Performer of 2016!



  • Winners are announced on October 1, 2016


NFHOF “Star Performers” will receive several terrific items, including:

·        A Beautiful Medal which acknowledges your accomplishment. (Gold/Silver/Bronze)

·        A Special 5×7 Postcard from “America’s Personal Trainer” Tony Little (2006 NFHOF Inductee) recognizing your achievement.

·        A uniquely designed Display Card on which you can showcase your NFHOF “Star Performer” medal.

·        National Exposure with a year-end listing in our digital publication.

·        Bragging rights! Tell your friends, your clients and colleagues that YOU are the NFHOF Star Performer of 2016!


NFHOF Membership

Star Performer applicants must have ‘Fan Membership’ in the NFHOF to apply (the first 100 Star Performer applicants receive an upgrade to Professional Membership)! Whether or not you decide to apply to be a Star Performer, consider membership with the National Fitness Hall of Fame. A $15/year membership gets you a monthly e-newsletter, certificate of membership and e-badge, member button and other stuff…but, better yet, you are a part of supporting an organization that works hard to ‘Preserve the Past while Promoting the Future of Fitness’! They do this by recognizing the individuals of yesterday, and today. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, check out the exhibit ‘Fitness Legends of Yesterday’ at the headquarters of the American College of Sports Medicine; or you can catch the NFHOF on the road on their national tour! Learn More.


John Figarelli is the Founder and Director of the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Founded in 2004, the NFHOF recognizes the lifelong efforts of individuals and organizations who promote health and fitness to the American public. Through more than a decade of educating, motivating and inspiring fitness enthusiasts, young and old, to 'preserve the past while promoting the future of fitness', the NFHOF is both a physical and virtual location for people who have a passion for their fitness profession. To find out more about NFHOF initiatives and membership, visit National Fitness Hall of Fame