Creating products (giveaways), getting your message out to the world with publishing, and selling your program through webinars will help you attract new clients and grow your online business. Eric Su, NFPT certified personal trainer shares how to think differently when online verses in a training studio.

Save yourself time and aggravation with virtual training with this specific guidance.

This video is part 2 of a 3 part marketing series about: “How To Build An Online Personal Training Business Without Hiring Expensive Website Designers or Being a Social Media Expert”.

In This Video:

The 3 key aspects: 0:42 min

Product Giveaway: 1:12 min

Publishing: 5:02 min

Webinar: 6:55 min

Recap Summary: 8:44 min

Watch Part One – 3 Keys to Building an Online Business

Getting yourself out there consistently with products, publishing, podcasts, and webinars that fill a need will help you attract new clients. Using sales strategies alongside these tools is also a crucial piece to building your online personal training business.

Coming up in Part Three, I talk about 3 ways to connect with your ideal customer better. Using these 3 ways can help you build community and bring them closer to you.

Eric SuEric Su is a NFPT certified trainer since 1999 and a former fitness club studio owner from 2005 to 2014. Since 2014, he has focused on building an online training business and learning from top marketing and online marketing trainers. He teaches proven concepts in a simplified and easy to understand way so you can grow your business faster. Learn more about Eric Su:


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