No Equipment? No Excuses!

How to get a great workout with no equipment or gym membership.

There are many excuses that we use not to go to the gym. “It’s too far,” “it’s too expensive,” “I have no dumbbells,” “I’m too shy to work out in front of everyone.”  The list just goes on and on, but that all stops now.  Here is a list of some great exercises that you can do without equipment and on your own to help strengthen and tone your body.  Repeat each exercise five times and in about 15 min you will have successfully completed your fitness quota for the day.

Exercise 1.  Walking Lunges: You can do walking lunges the length of your block, hallway or however far your body will take you.  Do at least 15-25 reps and repeat 3-5 times!  Want more?  Hold water bottles in each hand or cans of vegetables for extra weight.  If you really want to get crazy, hold milk jugs!

Exercise 1

Exercise 2.  Box Jumps: Box jumps can be done on any sturdy surface that is higher than your knees, such as a tall curb or bench outside your house or apartment. Alternate which leg you lead with and repeat 8 times on each leg. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times.

Exercise 2

Exercise 3.  Push-ups/Tricep Dips: This next exercise is two in one because they can easily be alternated and work both front and backsides of the upper body. Again, if you have a high bench or curb around your area, use that to do push-ups and then tricep dips. If not you can easily use a counter top or chair for these specific exercises. These pictures are just examples of items you can use to attempt the exercise. Use whatever you have available. Do 8-10 reps and repeat 3-5 times.

Exercise 3a

Exercise 3b

Exercise 4.  Running Stairs: Need a little cardio in your life? Take the stairs! If you live in an apartment, take the stairs and do a few rounds up and down each floor. This can replace the same movements that you make when working out on the Stairmaster. Get creative with the stairs. You can also do your push-ups or tricep dips here. You can also try to do your walking lunges up and down the stairs.

Exercise 4

Exercise 5.  No stairs? Take to the parking lots, parks or curbs: Any of these locations are sure to provide you with “equipment” that you would need to work out. Parking lot curbs are a great way to practice footwork and coordination. Some park trails provide stairs or hills that can simulate the “Stairmaster” workout.

Exercise 5


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