Fitness Mentors for Your Professional Network

Want a mentor? Want to be a mentor? Mentors are a special, valuable and a unique part of your professional network. Sometimes they appear naturally and other times you need to seek one out for a particular goal you have or skill you want to acquire.

In this episode of NFPT Live we talk about:

*What makes a mentor different from a leader.

*Why mentors are so valuable.

*What mentors are and are not.

*Stories of our own mentors.

*How knowing your strengths and weaknesses play into mentorship.

*What to consider before seeking out a mentor.



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Next Week: Episode #5 – Self Care for the Fitness Professional


About the Author:

Beverly Hosford, MA is a successful fitness entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. She's the NFPT editor, author of Fitness Career Freedom and the founder of Andy's Online Anatomy Program. Bev helps fitness and wellness professionals find alignment in both their bodies and businesses.