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Introducing our new and revolutionary Flex nimbo: a full-body resistance suit tailored to improve sport-specific movements. Flex nimbo’s patented technology is unique because it is not based on how much a person can lift, but based around the concept of optimal consistent performance. Flex nimbo trains your body to transfer sport-specific strength gains from the gym to the field. Flex nimbo offers the athlete true sports specific training.

Our training system is designed to produce fast, powerful movements in order to improve the functions of both the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems. Flex nimbo allows the athlete to move at high-velocity speeds in accordance with real world, everyday movements. Flex nimbo combats against the usual wear and tear of high impact weight training for athletes, allowing substantial gains in movements specific to, but not limited to: football, basketball, boxing, martial arts, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, golf, gymnastics, and volleyball.

Our brand new resistance suits are available in three different totals of force pounds resistance; our 30 lbs. resistance model is recommended for the combination of upper and lower body aerobic fitness. Movements in this suit should mimic running on a treadmill, jumping rope, or training with agility ladders. Our 50 lbs. resistance model, our best-selling model, offers a more strenuous workout similar to medicine ball routines, or lightweight workouts. Finally, the 75 lbs. resistance model offers training that boxers and Strongman competitors would employ.

The adjustable tension of the suit permits you to place an accurate measurable stimulus on your entire body, which allows you to target both the large and smaller musculature of your body. When training with weights in the gym, it is almost impossible to emulate a sports-specific movement. However, Flex nimbo’s technology urges athletes to lose the dumbbells and pick up a training system that helps the athlete achieve gains in real world movements.

Our new Variable Resistance Suit (VRS) is our most advanced design yet. Ongoing research and development has led to this perfectly accurate exoskeleton suit, the only one of its kind on the market today. The resistance-tension straps found on our product are a measurable, and now universal, means used to apply constant resistance simultaneously to the upper and lower body. One can easily adjust the tension slack, tailoring the size of the suit as well as the level of resistance tension, to the height of the athlete. Results show that those who have trained in the Flex nimbo VRS have productive increases in quickness, speed, vertical jump, endurance, stamina, and strength. This new product is ideal for both sports enhancement type training, as well a therapeutic, rehabilitation tool, for those patients ready for a full body neuromuscular demand.

Flex nimbo recommends that while using the suit, daily progressions are gauged and recorded according to the OMNI RPE Scale (Lagalley, 2006). This scale, much like that of the Borg Scale, measures how the subject is feeling. This scale helps to prescribe higher intensities on a daily basis in order to give a maximum effort, instead of taking to the routine motions.

The Flex nimbo works on the theory that maximum effort yields maximum results. This is similar to something we all learned during childhood; practice makes perfect. Flex nimbo proves that adding resistance to movements tailored specifically to your sport will create more of a gain than weight training will when used for supplement training.

The features of the Flex nimbo include: a shoulder strap harness, which is the portion of suit where the one can lengthen or shorten the resistance straps, custom to the athlete. This piece is made of an ultra high molecular weight plastic (UHMW) that offers 6,000 lbs. per square inch of tensile strength. Due to its durability, this shoulder piece can take a lot of distortion. The flex nimbo are designed to be a unique customize that let you build other types of exercise tools. Flex nimbo offers several different hand pieces including the clam mouth grip that contours to the users hand to prevent any circulation problems. The hand harness attachments offer the user the freedom of their hands so that he or she can use objects along with the flex nimbo (i.e. a basketball, football, etc…) These accessories are made of superior quality and are available in a variety of colors. The interchangeable resistance band tubing offers durable mechanics as it is made of a natural latex rubber. The Flex Nimbo resistance bands are engineered with a closed loop construction of high quality, heavy, multi-layered natural rubber bands. In accordance with the bands being seamless, there are no weak spots. According to the American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM,) this is the strongest rubber band design offered today. The final two features are similar knee and foot straps. These hook around one’s knee, and foot or shoe, respectively, to distribute the resistance force to the lower portion of the body.

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