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The SBT Bodyweight Training Tool

The SBT™ is an innovative Suspended Bodyweight Training Tool designed to take your workout to the next level by providing an easy to set up portable full body workout system. Our unique design allows for safe and efficient transitions, proper form and a kaleidoscope of moves. Finding the precise measure of instability and combining it with measurable safety factors, our training system developed by a team of veteran fitness professionals will help all users increase stability, burn fat, develop speed, build strength, challenge your energy systems, stimulate your heart and challenge you in ways never before imaginable. Whether you are a beginner, recovering from a period of inactivity or injury, an avid fitness enthusiast or an athlete, the SBT™ is designed to stimulate your physique for a better life.

What is SBT?

The SBT™ allows beginners to feel comfortable when learning human movement while also designed to create stimulating challenges for the advanced trainee or athlete with safety as the number one concern.

With the SBT™, you get:

1) A Safe and Efficient Two Ring Fully Body Workout System. The foot cradle provides stability and prevents slipping and the SBT™ maintains a challenging workout environment for the shoulder girdle by providing insertion point stability.  The two ring system eliminates material to material friction, which means that the SBT™ lasts longer.

2) Break out of the gym. Not only will you build Stability, Speed, Strength, and Stamina without multiple pieces of expensive equipment or a gym membership but the Simultaneous Dual User Applications allows for SBT™ to be attached to any secure existing piece of equipment or over the door.

3) A product that grows with you and continues to challenge you as you progress. The ability to use one strap at a time means ease of use and TRUE exercise progression.



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