Caffeine can be good or bad depending on the person, the situation and the goal. Update your knowledge about this drug of choice and how it plays into fitness.

In this episode we talked about:

  • What caffeine actually does in your body – it doesn’t produce energy….
  • How caffeine impacts fitness and metabolism. Does it?
  • The timing of caffeine consumption for fitness.
  • Questions to ask clients about their caffeine habits.


Some of our viewers said:

“Without coffee, something is missing”- Al Pacino

Caffeine or not, but drink water throughout your workouts and afterward.

Only makes me cranky when I don’t have coffee.

First thing I do in the morning is drink water then drink coffee. My family is from Greece, the Greeks even drink coffee and a glass of water with their coffee simultaneously.

Like a cup of coffee in morning but only after drinking water. I’m up for an hour before coffee.

NFPT Live Episode #19



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