NFPT Celebrates Bodybuilding Legend, Joe Weider

A legend in the bodybuilding community. Hero of 80’s action films. Governor of California. Whatever the reason, we all know Arnold Schwarzenegger. Something you may not know, is that all his fame is attributed to one man; Joe Weider. Joe was a legendary figure in bodybuilding who helped popularize the sport. This past weekend, Joe passed away due to heart failure at the age of 93. It is only fitting that we celebrate this man’s life for all he has done for the bodybuilding and fitness industries.

Joe created one of bodybuilding’s biggest events, the Mr. Olympia competition. He also recruited Schwarzenegger for the sport and introduced the future governor to show business. He got Schwarzenegger into competitive bodybuilding and helped him land his first movie role. He is someone Schwarzenegger is attributed to calling a “hero”.Scwarzenegger and Weider

Weider’s story is that of the underdog that we all love to cheer for. He was a small kid in high school who was bullied. Determined to not be pushed around any more, he wanted to get bigger. Weider built his own weights from scrap parts found in a railroad yard and started working at it. He won his first bodybuilding contest at age 17 and later started training others, including Schwarzenegger.

It is sad to see a legend leave us, but it is encouraging to see the legacy he has left behind.