Jasmine Delgado: Personal Trainer Spotlight

AZ 2013 Teen Bikini 1st place

NFPT trainers are people of all ages, races and walks of life. It is always a joy for us at NFPT to hear your stories and see where our trainers have come from and where they are going. Some of our trainers are retired individuals who love fitness and helping others find joy in it themselves. Others are just budding out of their youth and ambitious about the future they have ahead of them. Jasmine Delgado is the latter.DJ-Khamis-Photoshoot

Jasmine is a 19-year-old ambitions student, employee, active volunteer and teen fitness competitor. She is studying for a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. In addition to her full time course work, she is an NFPT Master Trainer at an LA Fitness. She is the president and founder of the fitness clothing company Infinite Limit. And to top it all off she is a part of the competing team “Team PTbyJoe”.

She has competed in five bikini competitions and has placed 1st in three of them. She plans on competing in two more this following year. It is always an inspiring thing to see people who are so passionate about what they do and want to accomplish. Jasmine is one of those people who we can look up to as an inspiration in all that she does. But how in the world do you get and keep the motivation to do all these amazing things?!
AZ-2013-Teen-Bikini-1st-placeWhen asked what keeps her motivated, she said, “When my journey as an NPC competitor first began it was very difficult and even scary because I felt like an amateur against gym veterans who had already been into fitness for a while. I had little knowledge and was too stubborn to ask for help. Being an NFPT CPT gave me the confidence and tools to really get started on my own and go at my own pace. Eventually I found my niche and found what works for my body, my life and even my mind. Being able to practice what I preach and constantly learn new material in the fitness industry are a few perks to being a personal trainer. Now, I keep good company within an arm’s reach. I have fellow bodybuilders and coaches to lean on for support when I need it and to help teach me as I progress. Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep a competitive lifestyle, but I always go back to how I started, who helped me, how I want to give back and set a good example for others.”

Now that’s motivation! Our hope here at NFPT is that you can receive the same confidence from your NFPT certification as Jasmine has. We are here for you. Give us a call, shoot us an email; just get ahold of us somehow. We want to help you in any way that we can.


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