Personal Trainers Celebrating May Anniversaries

5 Years
10 Years

15 Years

Wendy Allen
Lesa Diiorio
Love Avril Sr.
Judith Erwin
Joe Lake
Allan Drage
Jeffrey Pustilnik
Darren Curler
Laurie Garcia
Jessica Buchanan
Brian Connell
Brian Poile
Kenneth Rogers
Patrick Sagui
Suzanne Trucilla
Garcie Simmons
Cleisy Ayala
Darlene Meyer
Korey Rogers
Jeremy Whitney
Mary Henke
David Cummings
Heather S.Davis
Robert Prince
Andrea Jones
Jonathon Pickett
Bob J. Garvin
Cydney Croft
Dr.Thomas DePaoli
Carlton Biggers
Sean Hedderich
Bruce Hostetler
Irene Hayden
Byrd Davis
Valasco Smith

**Let us know if we forgot you! We’ll add you right away!**


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