Stacey Mercure–NFPT Personal Trainer Spotlight

Stacey Mercure

Meet Stacey Mercure, a passionate fitness enthusiast with a remarkable journey spanning 21 years as a dedicated NFPT trainer. At the age of 53, she defied age stereotypes by becoming a competitive NPC Wellness Competitor. Her love for fitness led her to open her own fitness studio in 2006, where she continues to inspire and empower others to lead healthier lives. With a heart full of dedication and a spirit that never wavers, Stacey truly loves what she does, making a positive impact on countless lives through the power of fitness.

Stacey, how long have you been certified with NFPT, and what made you become a personal trainer?

I have been certified through NFPT for 21 years! NFPT was recommended to me by a trainer at the time, and after extensive research, I felt it was a perfect fit (pun intended). I preach what I practice and understand people have a hard time staying motivated and need a cheerleader. It’s not always easy keeping people motivated but it is always worth it!

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How you are currently utilizing your personal training certification?

My clientele ranges from 30-year-olds up to 80-year-olds, both men and women. I’m fortunate to operate my own fitness facility, providing a lot of options for different training programs. I also teach Summer Boot Camps and Group Fitness Classes, and even developed a program called Heavy Metal Yoga.


What is the biggest challenge for you as a personal trainer?

My biggest challenge is reminding people not to take their health for granted. Covid seemed to helped people realize how important it is to stay healthy.

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What has been your most rewarding experience as a personal trainer?

Watching someone reach their fitness goal and believing in them until they believe in themselves. Giving them the mindset of instead “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

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What has been your biggest achievement in the fitness industry?

There have been so many great moments over 20 years as a trainer I probably could write a book. When you can motivate and change the mindset of someone to live a healthy life, to me, that’s a superpower.

How has social media played a role in your fitness business?

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My fitness center has a Facebook Page where I share fit tips, recipes, and members’ accomplishments. Social media helps keep people informed and educated.

Any advice for people thinking about a fitness career?

We are in an ever-changing industry and it is important to keep up certifications and never stop learning about fitness. Personal Training is like being a superhero. You not only can change someone’s life, but also the lives of the people connected to them. You’re saving someone’s mother, father, daughter, or son… I mean, how can it get any better than that?


What does the future hold for you and for the fitness industry?

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I’d love to expand the club and add in a pool, sauna, etc., bringing it to the next level.

Our industry is coming back strong evidenced by people being more proactive with their health. Also, I would like to expand our programs and classes to help keep people motivated to keep coming back to the gym.

Check out Stacey’s website and her gym’s Facebook page.

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NFPT Publisher Michele Rogers, MA, NFPT-CPT, manages and coordinates educational blogs and social media content for NFPT. She’s been a personal trainer for 20 years with a lifetime passion for all things health and fitness. Her mission is to raise kinesthetic awareness and nurture a mind-body connection. After battling chronic lower back pain and becoming a parent, Michele aims her training approach to emphasize corrective exercise and pain resolution. She holds a master’s degree in applied health psychology from Northern Arizona University. Follow Michele on Instagram.