When stress is low, it’s easier to see other health goals more clearly. Exercise might seem like the end all stress reducer. But, there’s more to it than that. Let’s get to the root of stress so we can work it out. Stressors are hidden in our lives and they are different for each individual. Fitness professionals have the potential to impact their clients’ health by going beneath exercise and nutrition into stress reduction.


In this episode we talked about:

  • Cortisol re-cap from last week’s episode.
  • Exercise can reduce stress, only if you…
  • How to reduce stress and cortisol once elevated.
  • How to prevent high cortisol and stress.
  • Foods that reduce stress.
  • Identifying hidden stressors in your life.

Some of our viewers said:

“All healing occurs in a relaxed state”- Dr. George Pratt

Totally agree Erin! Let it go, let it go! The kids grow up too fast to worry about making sure everything is dusted, take some time to play or create something together!

Hugging helps me lower stress.

Purposeful deep breathing helps me with stress.

Meditation helps reduce my stress.

I turn off the tv, not touch my phone, and shut down the laptop about 30 minutes before i go to bed. I completely disconnect to calm down amd reduce cortisol levels.
Chocolate helps me relax lol.
We need to all be way more honest with how much we don’t have control over.
Yes! Let stuff go..learning that saying no to things is really ok!


NFPT Live Episode #22



Next Week: Episode #23 – Happy Hormones and Motivation for Fit Pros

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