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About: Beverly Hosford

Beverly Hosford, MA is a successful fitness entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. She's the NFPT editor, author of Fitness Career Freedom and the founder of Andy's Online Anatomy Program. Bev helps fitness and wellness professionals find alignment in both their bodies and businesses.

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Recent Posts by Beverly Hosford

Being Professionally Authentic in the Fitness Industry

Are you more professional or authentic? Perhaps you’re a combination. Has it always been that way? Some people are more comfortable leaning one way or the other. Some like to […]

Get Hired and Succeed as a Group Fitness Trainer

Do you love group energy? If you’re looking for a place to inspire small groups with your personal training skills, check out Studio Thrive in Laramie, Wyoming. Their business model centers around […]

Self Care Ideas for Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals are motivated, ambitious, active and enthusiastic! Which makes us susceptible to burnout. Even though we are so passionate. Let’s talk about how you can avoid career fatigue and set yourself […]

Fitness Mentors for Your Professional Network

Want a mentor? Want to be a mentor? Mentors are a special, valuable and a unique part of your professional network. Sometimes they appear naturally and other times you need […]

Beverly Geier – Personal Trainer Spotlight

Beverly is an 82 year old who instructs group exercise classes for a clientele of what she calls ‘seasoned citizens’. She also works at a funeral home, what an interesting […]

NFPT 2017 July Blog Roundup

There are some exciting new stories and innovative ideas on our blog this month! A recently certified NFPT trainer telling her exam story, Facebook live episodes if you prefer to […]

Networking and Building a Professional Fitness Web

Get out there and build a high quality network – for fun, for business and for your life! We’re back with our third episode of NFPT Live and NO tech […]

Making Fitness Industry Connections

To date, Erin Nitschke and I have never met! In person that is. We met through email about a year ago, have talked on the phone, shared many ideas and […]

Maximizing Biceps Muscle Exercises

When you understand biceps anatomy and mechanics you’re able to cue clients more effectively, address strength imbalances, minimize risk of injury and enhance training results. You can do all of […]

Navigating Fitness Conventions like Idea World 2017

Fitness conventions like Idea World are inspiring but kind of overwhelming too. Having intentions and goals specific to your career path are key to making the most of your time […]