Trak Fitness & TrakHandle Accessories

Get a better handle on resistance training with TrakHandle® accessories!

The Trak Fitness Advantage

Trak Fitness LLC revolutionizes cable resistance training with the introduction of the patent pending TrakHandle® Pro-line of cable accessories. Simply put, these are the most functionally advanced and ergonomically correct cable attachments ever created!

Trak Fitness recognizes that the point of connection between the user and machine is the most critical component of exercise equipment — yet it is also the most neglected. This is particularly true with cable equipment, which has the potential to be one of the most effective tools for resistance training due to its ability to redirect gravity and apply resistance through multiple planes of movement.

Unfortunately, other cable accessories limit the functionality of cable machines by locking the users hands, arms and shoulders in a single orientation to the resistance, thus restricting the users movements and placing unnatural strain on joints and ligaments.

The Trak Solution

That’s why Trak Fitness LLC created a significant advancement in cable resistance training with the development of their patent pending TrakHandle® Pro-line of cable accessories. The technological advancements exclusive to these unique cable attachments makes them the first and only cable accessories that can adapt to the user’s natural physiology instead of the user adapting to the equipment.

About Trak Fitness LLC

Trak Fitness LLC is dedicated to creating groundbreaking improvements in the exercise equipment and fitness training industry by developing ergonomically correct equipment and methods that effectively compliment the natural physiology of the human body.


Users can now perform compound movements through multiple planes of motion during any cable exercise, while reducing unnatural stress on joints and ligaments.

The TrakHandle® provides three axis of rotation, creating unprecedented mobility and range of motion for the users hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

This freedom of movement enables users to develop muscle through a full range of motion, and improves training program effectiveness by allowing trainers to develop and prescribe unique cable exercises that target the specific needs of their clients.


New Advanced Exercises

The technical innovations of the TrakHandle® accessories have created revolutionary advancements in fitness training by allowing users to perform a host of new exercises that are not possible with traditional attachments. Video clips of several of the unique exercises that can be performed with TrakHandle® accessories can be found by visiting the video section of the Trak Fitness website.

Trak Fitness will updates and improves its training video clips on a regular basis, so customers are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date on all the latest TrakFitness™ developments.

The TrakHandle® Pro-line of accessories can be purchased directly from Trak Fitness by visiting their website at or by calling 516-986-3359



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