Personal Trainers Celebrating July Anniversaries

5 Years
10 Years

15 Years

Melissa Martin
Justin Smith
Brent Fourtner
Shirley Borgese
Steven Tourtual
Troy Kirchhoff
Mel Robinson
Jeff Cerciello
Fred Borzumato
John Brown
Lysa Josey
Cathy Schacht
Joann Yates
Hugo Eraso
Kimberly Eraso
Mandy Strangio
Erin Cox
Tim Cook
Maury Washington
Keala Smith
Gerald Robinson
Elroy Phillips
Yolande Carson
Isabel DeMelo
Robert Saka
Michael Searcy
Alvin Slaughter
Martin Velez
Vicki Howard
Julio Reyes
Jason Eyanson
Marsha Myers
Cynthia King
Andrew Leskin
Nicholas Garrison
Judy Carr
Lora Davis
Sharon Ryan
Melody Swartz
Patrick Genova
Lonnie Adam
Kristi Hunter
Meira Melman
Michael Rodgers
Angela Roybal
Nancy Skube
Keleigh Hall
Roslyn Isakowitz
Julie Thornberg
Paul Barker
Rebecca Morris
Brett Kehler
Leonard Pfeffer
Valerie Graney
Timothy Gallagher

**Let us know if we forgot you! We’ll add you right away!**


The NFPT Team is your #FitFam of trainer professionals who make various contributions to the NFPT Blog according to timed news and events, or interests in writing to current topics respective to individual skillset, talent and/or professional recommendations.
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