The Business Coach

Are you running your business/career or is it running you? It’s interesting when I ask this question – how many of my clients indicate that they feel their business is running them. Yet the reason they began working for themselves was to take back control of what they were doing, to begin to live the life they have always wanted.

How is it that we get so far off track from our original dreams or goals. Take a minute to remember back when you were developing your goals and dreams – What were they? Have you reached them or have they changed? Is your business a success? Do you have successful relationships? What have you sacrificed along the way? Is this as good as it gets?

How often do you take time to look back at your original goals, whether career related or personal? Imagine yourself as an organization and not only are you the CEO, but also the Director of various divisions. How would you position yourself?

I would like you to take a blank piece of paper and draw a line through the middle – name the top row ~~Past Values~~ and the bottom row ~~Present Values~~. Now draw in eight columns with the following heading: Career; relationships; finances; family; friends; health; fitness; well-being – You are the Director of all of these divisions! Using a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the least important) – give a score to each section in your top row (ie., Past Values). A point to remember is that the Past Values relate back to when you were in your early twenties – when you were starting out in life. Now go to the bottom row (ie., Present Values) and give a score for each section. Be honest with yourself! How different were your scores between what you used to value and what you presently value?

Take time to look at the ratings from each section – Are there any major differences? Is what you originally valued that much different from the present? Where are the imbalances and are you willing to make some changes?

Take some time to reflect on your score. Look at each division and see which section you have sacrificed the most. Did any of you have balance between your past values and the present? "congratulations if you did!"

‘Coaches Tip’ Ask yourself – If my life was prefect – how would it be? Would you have more success, more money, happier relationships, less stress, more time, healthier lifestyle? Now is the time to develop a strategy that will help you change your current life. Write down one change you need to make within your business that will allow you to begin having your ideal business. If you can not do this alone – work with your coach to develop the necessary strategies that you need to succeed.

The changes that you need to make for this to happen could be allocating time to work solely ON the business vs working solely IN the business, letting go of staff that do not hold the same vision or provide the level of service you require, adding more value to your service for your members. Decide on your change, and then challenge yourself to instigate this change within the next 90 days!

If you are ready to take this first step – e-mail or contact me with your change – I will follow up with you in 90 days to see that you have instigated the change. With the right support and guidance you can make it happen!

"Deborah Sullivan is a business coach with an international coaching practice who works with a wide variety of executives, business owners and professionals. She specialises with clients within the fitness industry. Deborah works with her clients via e-mail. For further information on how coaching can help improve your business, please contact Deborah via e-mail [email protected].



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