Wishing Everyone a Happy Memorial Day

It seems as though Memorial Day gets stereotyped as just another federal holiday where everyone gets off work and we cookout and play lawn games with friends. We frequently forget what Memorial Day is truly about. Today should be a time of remembrance of the sacrifices the few have made for the many. We’d also like to recognize those firefighters and police officers who have also lost their lives serving this country. They deserve to be recognized and remembered for their bravery too.

Here at NFPT, we’d like to remember and honor all of the servicemen and women who have died serving this country. Amidst the hotdogs and corn-hole games today, make sure and take a minute to think about those who have sacrificed for all of us. Find a mother, a father, a spouse, a sibling or a child of someone who has died serving this country. Whether in the military or as a firefighter or as a police officer. Thank them and tell them how proud of their loved one you are. Tell them how much you appreciate their sacrifice and what it means to you.

Please have a safe and happy Memorial Day!


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